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The name Turin brings to mind the splendour of the House of Savoy, Italian Unification, majestic churches and baroque palazzos, famous museums, the car industry, and sport. However, a visit to Turin and its surrounding area also means encountering a magnificent crown of mountain ranges and famous ski resorts, a significant part of the Gran Paradiso National Park, lakes and hills, and the River Po (worth exploring, whether by boat or cycling along its banks). The Alpine capital is there to be discovered; its roads, squares, wide tree-lined avenues, the Royal Palace, Valentino Castle, the Egyptian and Cinema Museums, historical cafés, pastry shops and restaurants specialising in Piedmont cooking. Furthermore, we must not forget the lively spirit of this subalpine city, making it one of the European capitals of cinema and modern art. The towns around Turin are steeped in history and bear testimony to its glorious past. The House of Savoy royal residences (Rivoli, Venaria Reale, Moncalieri, Stupinigi, declared part of the “World Heritage” by UNESCO) is being returned to its former splendour under the rule of the Court of the King of Sardinia and will be a leading attraction during the 150 th anniversary celebrations of Italian Unification, proclaimed in Turin in 1861.

The Susa, Chisone and Germanasca valleys all offer the opportunity to try out Olympic ski slopes, cross country ski courses, outstanding alpine skiing and mountaineering routes and – most of all - to enjoy a unique range of flora and fauna just a stone's throw from the city. Our valleys have the most innovative winter sports facilities in the world, offering sports holidays that go well beyond a simple traditional week's skiing: a taste of pure emotion and adventure with the Cesena taxi-bob or ski jumping in the safety of the Pragelato facilities - part of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games inheritance.

Most of all, we want tourists to visit our valleys to discover a centuries-old history that has left indelible traces in our culture, habits and customs, and our religious and secular architecture: the Sacra di San Michele Abbey; the Forts of Fenestrelle and Exilles; the old historical town centres of Susa, Pinerolo and Avigliana. The Pellice Valley deserves a special visit, where the Waldesian religious tradition has been kept intact and passed down over the centuries, proud of its faith and culture. North of Turin, we meet the greenery of the Canavese area and the Lanzo Valleys with their memorable array of medieval and Renaissance castles. The agricultural landscape of the Canavese, Carmagnola and Chieri plains testify to centuries of human toil and labour on the land. Finally, one of the few remaining unspoilt natural oases - the Gran Paradiso National Park – lies along the border with the Aosta Valley.

We trust that a simple click on your mouse as you visit our website will lead you to discover the wide range of interests awaiting visitors to the Turin province: social, economic, the manufacturing framework and - last but no means least - the duties and responsibilities its local administration is called upon to fulfil day in, day out.

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